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Solar Diverters

Solar diverters can use any extra power produced by your panels straight into appliances. For more information or to arrange a quote, contact Intelligent Energy Solutions. Based in central Scotland, we also cover Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen.

Heat your hot water for less

Solar panels will continually produce power during the day, but what if you’re generating more than you’re using? A solar diverter can route any power that’s not being used into appliances, usually into an immersion heater so that you can use it to heat your hot water. They can be easily integrated with virtually any make and model too. Get the most out of your solar panel setup. Get in touch today.

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Power plant using renewable solar energy

Quick and easy installation

Our solar diverters are easy to install, so you don’t need to worry about having any extra work done. All we need to do is wire in a small electronic box, which is connected up to your incoming supply. It then detects how much power is being produced and diverts any excess or unused energy. It’s that simple. Don’t waste what you produce. Contact Intelligent Energy Solutions.

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Solar diverters - the simple way to avoid wasting energy

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